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AmeriCorps is a National Service movement with roots in the Peace Corps and the Civilian Conservation Corps, providing thousands of Americans of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to address pressing community needs.


ARI is the sponsor for several National Service based programs. The Foster Grandparents of the Wyoming Rockies, a SeniorCorps program, provides community elders opportunities to serve as mentoring volunteers for children in educational settings. In addition we also sponsor an AmeriCorps State and National Intermediary Program that works with organizations to provide direct-service to the people they serve, and an AmeriCorps VISTA Intermediary Program.



ARI AmeriCorps State National Program 

Program Coordinator, Katherine Case

ARI AmeriCorps VISTA Program

Program Coordinator, Lina Dunning

Foster Grandparents of the Wyoming Rockies (Senior Corps)

Program Coordinator, Maryalice Snider