Support and advocacy for grassroots  


in the advancement of health, safety, security and justice for individuals, families and communities everywhere. 

Community - Based Activism for Safety, Prevention of Violence,
Health Equity,
Animal Welfare,
Social Justice

Action Resources is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization incorporated in 1991 and granted federal 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in 1995. In recognition of the multiple layers of cause and effect connected to violence and oppression of all kinds, Action Resources offers support and advocacy for community organizing that strengthens neighborhoods, counties and regions, and sponsors programs that help provide a wide range of individual and community well-being and growth essentials.


ARI-sponsored programs:

Feeding Laramie Valley

Foster Grandparents of the  Wyoming Rockies

Action Resources' VISTA Program

Llama Welfare Foundation

Higher Ground Fair

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Eradication & Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

At its foundational core, Action Resources International builds on the groundbreaking work of Looking Up, a survivor-initiated, survivor-led, international grassroots project founded by Gayle Woodsum and Barbara Summer in 1982 to assist victims and survivors of family and community-based crimes (with special emphasis on sexual violence against women and children), through action-oriented programs, educational support services, and diverse cultural change efforts.

Sustainable Food Equality & Sovereignty

Created in 2009, Feeding Laramie Valley is a community based, designed and led nonprofit program working for food security and an equitable, just and sustainable food system in Albany County, Wyoming and beyond.

Its mission and philosophy are rooted in a commitment to leadership voice and action that primarily come from people who are experiencing the problems being addressed.

Feeding Laramie Valley believes in sharing the best of what we have to achieve sustainable food security for all.

AmeriCorps & SeniorCorps for Community Strengthening

In 2015, ARI became the sponsor for The Foster Grandparents of the Wyoming Rockies, a SeniorCorps program, providing community elders opportunities to serve as mentoring volunteers for children in educational settings.  They receive ongoing training and a modest stipend for their work that does not have an impact on fixed income sources.


ARI is also a full AmeriCorps VISTA Program, providing capacity-building national service opportunities to work with community-based, social change organizations.

Latest Projects

Collaborative Pathway Modeling as a Rigorous Evaluation & Capacity-Building Tool for Community-Based Activism & First Person Expertise

Community based programs hold expertise, insights, and first-person knowledge that are essential for developing innovative, relevant, effective responses to community needs. Researchers, communities, and funders alike seek inclusion of the people who are affected by the problem being addressed.


The challenge for outside stakeholders and for community leaders and members is how to come to understand each other enough to be able to discuss program design and evaluation meaningfully.

Collaborative Pathway Modeling is an innovative, values-based research and evaluation methodology that can bridge gaps, surfacing the often overlooked or inaccessible knowledge of community organizers.