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ARI is the sponsor for several National Service based programs, an AmeriCorps Intermediary Program that works with organizations to provide direct-service to the people they serve, and an AmeriCorps VISTA Intermediary Program. ARI also sponsors the Foster Grandparents of the Wyoming Rockies, a SeniorCorps program, to provide community elders opportunities to serve as mentoring volunteers for children in educational settings.


About ARI AmeriCorps Rural Intermediary Program

The ARI Wyoming AmeriCorps Rural Intermediary Program partners with small, rural, and fledgling community-based organizations to transform emergency response efforts into programs that address the core issues that create poverty, health disparities, and food insecurity to begin with. These partnerships allow ARI AmeriCorps to build national service sites across a vastly rural, high elevation landscape to decrease health disparities that leave individuals and families without high-quality preventive health care, prescriptions for chronic illness management, and supplemental wellness programs to promote long-term general health; to increase food production and distribution in communities to feature the highest quality produce, grains, and proteins necessary for a healthy life, and long term, local food production and distribution efforts that engage participants in contributing to the production and distribution process; and to fight poverty through community engagement activities and increasing community-based voice and leadership for safety, health, and wellness.

About ARI AmeriCorps Member Service.

ARI AmeriCorps accepts potential member applications year-round! If you’re looking to be of service to America and help organization increase their impact in their communities, apply today and be the change you want to see in the world! 

Download AmeriCorps Member Handbook


Member Benefits.

Be the change you want to see in the world, serve those in need and help organizations grow.

Get paid a bi-weekly living allowance throughout your term of service.

Earn $1,000’s through the AmeriCorps Education Award to use toward student loans, future tuition, and other school related fees.

Get Health and Childcare provided for full time members.

Receive a Certificate of Service from AmeriCorps.

Gain experience and skills to build your resume and launch your future career.


How enrollment works.

Select an open position listing on the AmeriCorps application portal by searching State National positions in Wyoming.

Create an AmeriCorps Profile and fill out the Application to submit to that listing.

AmeriCorps Sites interested in your application will contact you for an interview.

If selected, you will begin the enrollment and training process with the AmeriCorps Program Coordinator, Katie Case, and start your enrollment process.

After you have cleared AmeriCorps required background checks, you will go through a training with the AmeriCorps Coordinator to learn about your new role as a Service Member and a training with your new site supervisor.

You will then officially begin your term of service!


Questions? Email our Program Coordinator, Katie Case,


Becoming an ARI AmeriCorps national service site.

ARI AmeriCorps is always seeking new partnerships with organizations and nonprofits looking to grow their capacity. We work with potential sites to assess an organization's needs, craft the perfect listing and bring AmeriCorps members to serve at your organization at no cost to the organization. 


Service Site Benefits​.

Grow your organization’s capacity to serve those in need and impact your community.

Choose your members by creating the positions you need at no cost.

Gain Access to the AmeriCorps Grant resources, training and publicity through ARI, Serve Wyoming and the Corporation for Community Service with ease.

Gain constant access to ARI Program support staff for all your questions and needs.

Get extra money for you and your service member’s travel expenses.

Join the National Service network and community.


How to apply to be an ARI AmeriCorps service site.

Download and fill out a host Site Application here.

Fill out the Host Site Application and send it to program coordinator, Katie Case, at

After your application is reviewed you will be contacted by the Program Coordinator. 

Together, with the program Coordinator, your potential site will choose from several term slots and craft your own position description for an AmeriCorps Positions Listing.

Applicants will be forwarded to you for review, and you schedule an interview with those you are interested in.

Once you choose a new member to begin service at your site, the member will go through enrollment and training with the AmeriCorps Coordinator.

The individual who will become the AmeriCorps Supervisor for your site completes their training and service begins.

ARI AmeriCorps State National Program 

Program Director, Katherine Case

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