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ARI is the sponsor for several National Service based programs, an AmeriCorps Intermediary Program that works with organizations to provide direct-service to the people they serve, and an AmeriCorps VISTA Intermediary Program. ARI also sponsors the Foster Grandparents of the Wyoming Rockies, a SeniorCorps program, to provide community elders opportunities to serve as mentoring volunteers for children in educational settings.


ARI uses a strategic, multi-tiered approach to utilizing national service as a highly effective method for planning, launching, and developing core components crucial to sustainable, community-based social and economic development. 


ARI AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA Rural Intermediary programs in Wyoming, provide national service opportunities to community-based organizations as a means of increasing sustainable food security and overall community health and wellness across the state. We with small rural organizations that are primarily volunteer-run and in need of support to increase their capacity to serve. Organizations that partner with ARI AmeriCorps as project sites become part of a network that utilizes national service members as a means of access to ARI’s infrastructure resources and support, adding a vital, innovative, direct service component to their work in the areas of food security and community engagement activities serving the mission of fighting poverty, decreasing health disparities, and increasing community-based voice and leadership for safety, health, and wellness.


ARI AmeriCorps VISTA members offer early capacity building and basic systems development, paving the way for AmeriCorps members to help develop and implement member service that delivers change directly and in line with the theory of change established by ARI, and also by its various AmeriCorps sites. When combined, they present a united, diverse approach to laying long-term sustainability groundwork socially and economically – advancing community volunteerism on a long-term basis, supported and guided by the increasing professionalism and stability of an inspired work force rooted in national service beginnings.


Action Resources National Service Director

Action Resources Director of National Service

Lina Dunning

Foster Grandparents of the Wyoming Rockies (Senior Corps)

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